ThinkProgress, a blog of the left-wing Center for American Progress Action Fund, sent a blogger to cover many of Paul Ryan's recent town hall meetings in an apparent attempt to spin a "budget backlash" narrative. So kudos to Igor Volsky at ThinkProgress for acknowledging the truth in this post that, contrary to the politically advantageous but false backlash narrative, Ryan found "overwhelming support at most of his meetings"

While it is true Ryan did find overwhelming support at most of his meetings — receiving at least two standing ovations and several requests that he run for president — the Congressman was also routinely challenged by his constituents on his plan to lower tax cuts for the rich and transform Medicare into a “premium support” system in which seniors received a pre-determined sum of dollars to purchase health coverage from private insurers.

That's pretty much a spot-on description of what Ryan actually experienced in his swing district over two weeks.

I might add that Ryan allayed the concerns of many constituents when he explained that his tax reform would lower tax rates for everyone while keeping revenues where they are by reducing or nixing deductions that are overwhelmingly enjoyed by the wealthy and coporations like GE, which pays no tax at all. There also wasn't a lot of concern about his Medicare reform after he explained it affects those who are 54 and younger, and compared it to Obama's plan to reduce Medicare's costs with a board of 15 bureaucrats.

Volsky criticizes Ryan for falsely saying today that ThinkProgress was among the groups that organized opposition at Ryan's town hall meetings. It appears Ryan misspoke, as ThinkProgress was not among the handful of organizations that encouraged activists to attend Ryan's town hall meetings.

You can read my report on Ryan's town hall meetings here.

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