There have been three new polls released in the past twenty-four hours in Wisconsin.

Accoding to Rasmussen, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are deadlocked at 49 percent each. In the Senate race, Republican Tommy Thompson edges Democrat Tammy Baldwin by 1 point (48 percent to 47 percent). The results are nearly identical to Rasmussen's poll of Wisconsin last week.

According to NBC News/Marist, Obama leads Romney 49 percent to 46 percent, and Thompson trails Baldwin by 1 point (47 percent to 48 percent). That indicates some movement toward the Republicans since Marist's mid-October poll, in which Romney trailed Obama by 6 points and Thompson trailed Baldwin by 4 points.

According to Marquette, Obama now leads Romney 51 percent to 43 percent, and Thompson trails Baldwin by 4 points (47 percent to 43 percent). That indicates movement toward the Democrats since Marquette's mid-October poll, in which Romney was 1 point behind Obama and Thompson was 1 point ahead of Baldwin.

Although there isn't a consensus among the pollsters about the state of the race here, both campaign's are treating Wisconsin like it's a tight race. Paul Ryan held three campaign events here on Wednesday. Obama was in Green Bay today. Mitt Romney has a rally outside of Milwaukee on Friday, and Obama is back in the state on Saturday with singer Katy Perry.

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