According to the Budget Control Act, the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or the so-called supercommittee, must be formed within 14 days of the bill becoming law. Since President Obama just signed the law, Congress has until August 16, two weeks from today, to fill the slots. The next question Democrats and Republicans will need to answer is, which of their members will they select for the supercommittee?

Fred Barnes mentioned a potential lineup for Republicans yesterday: GOP No. 2s Jon Kyl of the Senate and Eric Cantor of the House; Jeff Sessions and Paul Ryan, the ranking member and chair of their respective budget committees; and Florida freshmen Marco Rubio and Allen West. Politico suggests a number of potential Democrats for the committee as well, including Senators Kent Conrad and Dick Durbin and House members Chris van Hollen, Jan Schakowsky, and Xavier Beccerra.

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