Is Baghdad about to come under attack? And has the city already been infiltrated by ISIS sleeper cells, ready to act when the command comes?

Possible, maybe even likely, according to Ned Parker and Oliver Holmes of Reuters who report that:

Iraqi insurgents are preparing for an assault on Baghdad, with sleeper cells planted inside the capital to rise up at "Zero Hour" and aid fighters pushing in from the outskirts, according to senior Iraqi and U.S. security officials.

One estimate has:

... 1,500 sleeper cell members hibernating in western Baghdad and a further 1,000 in areas on the outskirts of the capital.

And their goal is:

… to penetrate the U.S.-made "Green Zone” ... as a propaganda victory and then carve out enclaves in west Baghdad and in outlying areas.

One man:

… who describes himself as a member of one such cell, originally from Anbar province


“We are ready. It can come any minute ... We will have some surprises.”

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