Hard to imagine anyone running for anything as a proud and unequivocal supporter of the Affordable Care Act. Anyone, that is, this side of Joe Biden. Democratic candidates for the House and Senate are already running ads asserting, essentially, I was for it before I said we had to fix it. And now, it seems that Hillary Clinton is making the same kind of noises in anticipation of 2016 and the fund raising and positioning that needs to be done between now and then. As Rebecca Shabad reports at the Hill, Ms. Clinton told Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society in Orlando, Fla. that:

“I think we are on the right track in many respects but I would be the first to say if things aren’t working then we need people of good faith to come together and make evidence-based changes.”

She added that she doesn’t think it would be prudent to “throw the baby out with the bath.'

And that, right there, is the sort of bold speechmaking and willingness to stake out controversial positions that fires up her base and makes her such a formidable figure.

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