Joe Biden was aggressive, condescending, and shamelessly demagogic. Paul Ryan was earnest, youthful, and perhaps a bit over-scripted. The upshot was a vice presidential debate that was occasionally entertaining for partisans on both sides, but was mostly unenlightening. Ultimately, I suspect, it will prove inconsequential. It's hard to believe it will change any votes, or give either side momentum.

The truth is the world will little note nor long remember what was said in Danville. The world will remember—certainly some of us will remember—what happened a few hours before at Nationals Park: Jayson Werth's 13-pitch at bat leading off the ninth-inning, culminating in a walk off home run that won the game and tied the Nats-Cards division series at 2-2. Right now, I see the Orioles and Yankees are tied 1-1 going into the 11th inning. Back to the playoffs!

UPDATE: Orioles win 2-1 in 13 innings!

The deciding games in the Nats-Cards and O's-Yanks series are tomorrow night. All four division series will have gone five gamesthe baseball postseason is off to a close and tense start, to accompany a close and tense election season. The desirable outcome: The Nats over the Orioles in the World Series in an exciting victory for our nation's capital, and Romney-Ryan over Obama-Biden in an exciting victory for our nation.

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