There are senators, it seems, who tweet. And it probably isn't a bad discipline for those accustomed to writing legislation that runs to the thousands of unread and incomprehensible pages to have to restrain themselves to a mere 140 characters. But, of course, several senators release 140 characters lots and lots of times.

But, as Mike Lillis of The Hill reports, while there are serving senators who tweet prolifically:

... no member of the upper chamber approaches the popular social forum with the sheer tenacity of would-be New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker.

Booker runs Newark, at present: something he promised he would do for the full length of his mayoral term, no matter what. But then, Senator Frank Lautenberg died and ... well, what is an ambitious young politician to do? And anyway, that promise to serve out his term was only words and anyone who:

... has logged more than 3,000 tweets already this year.

He plainly cares more about volume than the meaning of his words. As for instance, when Mayor Booker tweeted this pearl:

“Grace isn’t just a statement before meals. It’s a way of being. It’s kindness in action, generosity embodied and a soul revealing its light.”

Clearly someone to unfollow.

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