AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka did not shock the world when he acknowledged that, yes:

... “mistakes” were made in the writing of ObamaCare.

As Kevin Bogardus of The Hill writes, Mr. Trumka is now engaged in an effort to:

"... find solutions to the inadvertent holes in the act,” Trumka said. “We are working to try solve problems, just like they tried to solve problems with employers, with large business and small business groups.”

By solutions, Mr. Trumka no doubt means the various waivers, exemptions, and delays that have been employed by the administration in its effort to keep all the various constituencies from abandoning this leaky vessel.

One wonders just who will be left if Mr. Tumka succeeds in getting his solutions adopted. Presumably those who belong to no special interest group with the muscle to extract an exemption, waiver, etc. from the White House.

Those most in need of some help, then.

Who probably believed that Obamacare would provide it.

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