Trust in President Barack Obama's ability to handle international affairs has plummeted among independents since the terror attack in Libya, a new poll finds.

In the latest ABC/Washington Post poll, independents said that by a margin of 48-43 percent they trust Mitt Romney over Barack Obama on matters of international affairs. Among all voters, Obama is more trusted on these matters by a margin of 49-44 percent. This poll was released on September 29.

This latest poll represents a 15 point reversal in only 20 days.

The ABC/Washington Post poll that was released on September 9 shows much stronger marks for Obama. In that poll, Obama has a 10 point lead over Romney on who is more trustworthy on international affairs, 49-39 percent. Obama also had a much stronger lead among all voters on that question, 51-38 percent.

Obama's drop in support is most likely due to world events, especially the terror attack carried out by al Qaeda on the anniversary of 9/11, which killed four Americans, including America's ambassador to Libya. The Obama administration's evolving story--including its initially false stories--surely hurt his standing with voters.

Additionally, mass mobs at American embassies around the world, including in London, Cairo, and Tunisia, most likely contributed to the shift in support.

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