Reuters writes the following about Mitt Romney’s Sunday night rally on the outskirts of Philadelphia: “The rally drew a huge crowd, but Romney arrived some 90 minutes after he was expected and hundreds of people streamed out of the rally as he spoke, angry and cold after waiting at a facility with no bathrooms or hot drinks for sale.”

Contrast this with the account I received from two people, whom I know personally, who were there: Romney’s plane was delayed about 90 minutes in Cleveland because of a problem at the Philadelphia airport. Despite this unavoidable flight delay, 35,000 people braved the the cold to greet and cheer on the GOP nominee. And “there were plenty of bathrooms ([my son] used one) and there were hot drinks (we all had hot cider, there was also hot chocolate).”

Reuters, which refers to Romney’s bid in Pennsylvania as a “long shot,” also asserts, “Most polls show Obama with a lead of 4-6 percentage points in Pennsylvania.” But the two most recently released Pennsylvania polls not affiliated with either political party show Romney either tied with President Obama or trailing by just 3 points — well within the margin of error in a nearly must-win state for the president.
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