Just a few years ago, Tommy Thompson was a well-regarded former governor of Wisconsin. Now it looks like recent attacks on Thompson for his alleged support of Obamacare, by the Club for Growth and others, are starting to take a toll.

Thompson, who's contemplating running for Senate in Wisconsin to replace the retiring Herb Kohl, only got 20 percent of the vote and lost the straw poll for Senate nominees at the state's annual GOP convention today. Here are the totals:

Ted Kanavas - 73

Tommy Thompson - 61

J.B. Van Hollen - 40

Mark Neumann - 33

Tim Michels - 24

Rebecca Kleefisch - 15

Scott Fitzgerald - 14

Mark Green - 13

Jeff Fitzgerald - 10

Tim Sullivan - 3

Write-ins - 15

- Frank Lasee - 4

- Robin Vos, Michelle Litjens, Dave Westlake - 2 each

- Glenn Grothman, Dan Vrakas, Bob Lorge, John Schiess, Nancy Milholland - 1 each

By contrast, when Scott Walker was contemplating running for governor in 2009 he won 93.4 percent of the vote in the straw poll at the state convention.

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