One of the ways you can tell that Obama's magic is gone is the lack of insane, iconographic art surrounding his campaign this time. In 2008 Obama art was beyond parody. There was an entire meme about The One riding on unicorns.

This time around? Not so much.

Out in Charlotte there was almost no Obama art, either on display around town or for sale. (Excepting one very excellent sand sculpture.) The Obama campaign's online store has a section on "Artists for Obama," but it only has four graphic offerings for sale.

There's one, however, that ties together nicely both iconographic worship and Obama's own sense of narcissism. It's this print designed by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson of Studio MPLS. And it features an American flag in which the Obama campaign logo--the big, blue "O"—replaces the field of 50 stars representing America's united states:

It seems a perfectly fitting representation of how our president views his country.

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