Some things are just not meant—in the largest possible sense—to go together. Teenage boys and good judgment. Democratic politicians and fiscal prudence. Sauerkraut and ice cream. You get the idea. And it would be hard to come up with any such juxtaposition worse than guns and alcohol. So now comes the NRA wine club ( And if the idea is atrocious, revealing an almost sublime tone-deafness, then the language in the pitch for the club’s reds is even worse:

selections include a perfectly balanced, nicely concentrated extraordinary Pinot Noir which is both -floral and fruitful, a charming and silky French Bordeaux blend and a versatile California Cabernet Sauvignon that showcases impressions of blackberry, dark cherry and cocoa.

Memo to the NRA: Please stick to the Second Amendment, and if you absolutely must gush, do it about the frictionless action of a pre-64 Model 70.

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