America's ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, unequivocally stated at the U.N. Security Council stakeout that Iran is "very much complicit in the killing that is going on" in Syria. Rice would not provide further details on how the Iranians are helping the Syrians suppress the protesters and kill their citizens.

"I can say is that Iran by own admission has bragged about its arming of the forces—the Syrian government forces and its own involvement inside of Syria," Rice said in response to a question on the topic. "So I think they’re saying it publicly themselves. That’s been our understanding for quite some while, so whether, specific to who or more broadly, they are very much complicit in the killing that is going on."

Rice's comments about Iran's collusion with Syria back up what State Department press secretary Victoria Nuland said Tuesday during her press briefing.

"[T]he Iranians have clearly provided support and training and advice to the Syrian army," Nuland told reporters.

Nuland likened the "tactics and the techniques that the Iranians used for their own suppression of civil rights" with those being used by Syrian forces. Iran, long a repressive regime, last publicly suppressed its citizens on a grand scale and for a sustained period of time after civil protest and unrest in the aftermath of fraudulent elections.

But while Nuland connected Iran with Syria, she stopped short of saying the Iranians were complicit in the Houla massacre, the latest massive atrocity resulting in over a hundred Syrian deaths. "We just find it interesting that it was on this very weekend that the deputy head of the Qods Force decided to take credit for the advice that they’re giving to Syria," Nuland said.

As for Rice, in her comments yesterday, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. suggested that Syrian situation is coming to a head. "I think we may be beginning to see the wheels coming off of this bus," she said.

But the U.S. will first be waiting for Russian (and Chinese) permission before acting.

"Every day that goes by makes the argument for [military action stronger," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today in Copenhagen. Clinton added, according to the AP: "But she lamented that Russia and China are standing in the way of similar action in Syria."

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