From Afghanistan, some surprising news: U.S. and coalition forces have arrested a member of Iran’s notorious Qods Force who was simultaneously serving as a Taliban commander. But sophisticated foreign policy observers have said for years that the Taliban and Iran were adversaries, even enemies – that they come from different strains of Islam and have cultural differences that would preclude cooperation? They would never work together, right?

For years we’ve known about the increasingly lethal support Iran has been providing the Taliban various insurgents in Afghanistan. (See here, here, here, here, and here.) And yet senior Obama administration officials have either downplayed the seriousness of Iran’s support or ignored it altogether, despite a never-ending series of reports from the U.S. military that such coordination is happening.

Interestingly, ISAF officially confirmed the dual role of the captured operative, but later reversed itself. But Long War Journal’s Bill Roggio has a source that stands by the original claim.

Let’s hope we’re not muzzling the military now, too.

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