A Veterans Affairs whistleblower says he experienced "harassment" after he contacted White House aide Rob Nabors about problems at the VA:

"The harassment I've experienced at the HEC from top levels of management include: my whistleblower complaint to White House deputy chief of staff Rob Nabors was leaked to my manager ... who stated in writing that she was contacting me ... My employment records were illegally altered ... I was illegally placed on a permanent work detail ... I was placed on involunitary administrative leave, curiously, at the same time ... Unfortunately, my experience is not unique at VA. Darren and Eileen Owens who work at the atlanta va medical center have experienced the same retaliation for reporting medical errors and patient neglect as well as misconduct by senior VA police officials.

"Our local 518 union president ... is routinely harassed as a direct consequence of assisting me and other disabled federal employees with retalatory action by members of management."

Scott Davis made the comments at a House hearing last night.

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