On CBS this morning, Valerie Jarrett, a close advisor to President Obama, reacted to the news that North Korea had conducted a nuclear test last night by saying, "We're heartened to see the U.N. Security Council will be meeting" this morning to discuss the issue.

"The news this morning is that North Korea has had a third nuclear test," said the host to Jarrett. "The president in his statement said this was a highly provocative act that warranted swift and credible action. What will the president say tonight about reducing nuclear weapons?"

"Well, we'll stay tuned tonight to hear how he responds to that," said Jarrett. "But you're right, it was highly provocative. It violates numerous resolutions. It's destabilizing to the region, it's a threat to the United States, it's a threat to the international peace and security. And we're heartened to see that the U.N. Security Council will be meeting this morning at 9:00."

The other host asked, "So, how will the United States respond?"

"Well, let's see," said Jarrett. "Let's see how that meeting goes. It's not just about the United States' response. There will be an international, firm response to that. So let's let the committee meet this morning and then we'll see what the next steps are after that."

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