The group Concerned Veterans for America has released a new ad asking the federal government to help "fix" problems that have been preventing military members from voting:

The ad comes after a "recent House Armed Services Committee hearing on the DoD’s Federal Voting Assistance program," according to the group. "This hearing attempted to confront the challenges military personnel face in obtaining or submitting an absentee ballot, but unfortunately, despite direct questions from the members, no answers were forthcoming as to why reforms mandated by Congress had not taken place."

In a statement to the press, Concerned Veterans for America’s organizing committee member Jessie Jane Duff, a retired U.S. Marine, says:

"Our military remain the most disenfranchised voting group in the United States today. Our leaders in Washington face big challenges with the $16 trillion national debt, runaway spending and a struggling economy. Compared to those problems, this one should be an easy fix (to say nothing of the right thing to do). All they have to do is set up an office and add a piece of paper to the pile when a service member checks in. If they 'don’t get it' on something as straightforward as military voting, why should we be surprised that we haven’t seen progress on the dire challenges facing the nation we fought for?"

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