Greenfield, Wisc.

Paul Ryan received a standing ovation Thursday afternoon during the Q&A part of his meeting with constituents at a high school auditorium in a suburb of Milwaukee.

Ryan faced a larger number of hecklers at this event than previous ones, but they were just a sliver of the max capacity crowd. The vast majority of those present stood and applauded Ryan after one constituent rose to thank the congressman for producing his plan to rein in the federal budget. You probably won't see this on the nightly news (and not just because I'm a terrible cameraman; sorry if you get whiplash):

Despite the media's focus on one incident last week where some constituents booed Ryan, the crowds at this week's and last week's town hall meetings have been overwhelmingly supportive. Here's a picture of the "protest" outside Ryan's meeting in Franklin earlier on Thursday:

Meanwhile the crowd in the nearly full high school gymnasium was, again, very supportiveā€”at least 70%-30% in his favor judging by the applause versus boos. During the 40-minute Q&A session in Franklin, Ryan took nine questions from a mix of supporters, opponents, and independents. Exactly one was about his proposal to reform Medicare.

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