A protester in Madison has been ticketed for pouring a beer on the head of a Republican lawmaker Tuesday night. According to a report by NBC's Milwaukee affiliate TMJ-4, "Republican assemblyman Robin Vos and two other Republicans were at the Inn on the Park Tuesday night, when they had beer poured on them by a protester." According to TMJ-4, Miles Kristan, the protester who was ticketed, has been "aggressively following [Vos] wherever he goes." An unapologetic group of protesters in Madison later sang in the streets, "We're gonna pour, we're gonna pour, gonna pour a beer on him."

Assemblyman Vos said in a statement that "Legislators are regularly harassed by certain protesters and this is an unfortunate reminder of what lawmakers have to put up with every day in Madison." You can watch the full report here:

This incident marks the second criminal act by protesters since Wisconsin Democrats failed to take over the Wisconsin state senate during recall elections last month. In August, the locks of a Catholic school in Milwaukee were super-glued shut prior to a speech by Governor Scott Walker. The school's students are primarily poor African-American children, who attend the Catholic school through the school choice program. You can watch the video of the angry (and mostly white) mob protesting outside of the school here:

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