Is the pressure getting to Ron Kind? Last week, the Democratic congressman who holds Wisconsin's third congressional district got a little testy and refused to shake the hand of his opponent Dan Kapanke following a debate. Kind was upset that Kapanke's campaign was pushing the story that two local doctors had issued sworn affidavits accusing Kind of charging them more than $10,000 for a meeting to discuss legislation. Kind was also the subject of an investigation of the New Democrats' shady fundraising practices by watchdog ProPublica.

In a new YouTube video of an event that reportedly occurred today, Ron Clark, who runs the blog LaCrosseWatchdog, informs Kind that he went to Washington in October to protest Obamacare and was disappointed he couldn't meet with Kind.

"Obamacare is making me sick," says Clark.

"Oh it is, huh?" Kind replies, feigning concern. "Sorry to hear that. Yeah. [Inaudible]"

"It's terrible legislation," Clark continues.

"Okay," Kind replies, as he pushes the camera with his hand. "Could you do me a favor and not tape this right now?"

Kind tells the blogger to "be courteous" as he continues to push the camera away and says, "Don't get in my face right now."

Kind may have reacted like this because he's never really faced a tough reelection campaign since he first won the seat, which was vacated by Republican Steve Gunderson in 1996. Kind is widely expected to hold his seat tomorrow, but keep in mind that Gore and Kerry each won the district by only 3 points. If the wave is anything like what Gallup is predicting, Kind will probably lose, too.

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