About that deal Chris Christie reached with Democratic leaders in the state legislature: government unions aren't going to let it go without a nasty fight. Here's a video of a protest today in Trenton where Christopher Sheldon, the vice president of the Communications Workers of America in the Northeast, called Chris Christie a Nazi:

"Welcome to Nazi Germany!" says Sheldon. "We got Adolph Christie and his two generals trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany."

"In Nazi Germany the first thing they did--the first thing--that the Nazis and Adolph Hitler did was go after the unions. And that's what Christie and his two generals are trying to do in New Jersey," Sheldon continued as he denounced Christie's move to "legislate our benefits instead of negotiate our benefits."

"Brothers and sisters, this is not gonna be an easy fight. It took World War Two to get rid of the last Adolph Hitler! It's gonna take World War Three to get rid of Adolph Christie! Are you ready for World War Three? I can't hear you!"

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