Around 7:00 p.m. this evening, as the polls closed in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, and as a populist, anti-Big Government and anti-Big Business challenger was about to record an amazing upset of the House majority leader in the GOP primary, an email arrived in TWS inboxes. It was from the White House Press Office, and consisted of the "DAILY GUIDANCE FOR THE VICE PRESIDENT" for Wednesday, June 11:

In the morning, the Vice President will attend the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office.

In the afternoon, the Vice President will travel to New York. At 1:45 PM, the Vice President will deliver the keynote address at the North American Energy Summit in New York City. This event at Goldman Sachs is open press.

Afterwards, the Vice President will return to Washington, DC.

Perfect. GOP voters go for Main Street and Middle America and against crony capitalism. As one politician told me tonight, "Fairly or unfairly, voters in VA-7 thought Eric Cantor represented K Street and Wall Street, not them."

Meanwhile, Joe Biden flies Air Force Two at considerable taxpayer expense to spend time on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs. And, one might add, Hillary Clinton interrupts her book tour to give a speech to a trade group in Chicago that paid her much more for her hour’s “work” than the average family in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District makes in a year.

If the leaders of the Republican party welcome and channel the energies of conservative populism rather than rebuff them, there could be a big GOP wave this November.

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