Democratic senator Mark Warner of Virginia sent out a message on his Senate office's official Twitter account that claimed Republicans would blame this week's winter storms on Obamacare. Warner, who is up for reelection this year, deleted the message, though it remains recorded at Politiwoops, a website documenting deleted tweets from politicians.

"Just a matter of time: waiting for the @VA_GOP to claim this winter storm was caused by The Affordable Care Act. #Snowbamacare," wrote Senator Warner. According to Politiwoops, Warner deleted the tweet 26 seconds after it was posted. Warner followed up with a tweet, blaming the deleted message on "staff."

The tweet came from Warner's official Senate Twitter account, not his campaign account.

The Republican party of Virginia, whose Twitter account was referenced in Warner's deleted message, has been responding by pointing out that Warner was one of the deciding votes on Obamacare. There do not appear to be any tweets from the Virginia GOP's account suggesting that the snow storm was, indeed, caused by the health care law.

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