Virginia governor Bob McDonnell has been named chairman of the Republican National Convention Committee on Resolutions. The committee, generally referred to as the Platform Committee, will help set the agenda for the Republican party and convene during the party's convention next month in Tampa, Florida.

"Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota and Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee will serve as Co-Chairmen," a statement from the RNC reads.

“Governor McDonnell, Senator Hoeven, and Congresswoman Blackburn are outstanding leaders in the Republican Party, and I am proud that they will lead us in writing our 2012 Platform,” RNC chairman Reince Priebus says in a statement announcing McDonnell's appointment. “The principles of our party and our vision for the country are contained in the Platform. It is a document of immense importance and a testament to our dedication to individual liberty, economic freedom, and limited government.”

“I am honored to serve as Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions,” McDonnell says in the statement. “I look forward to hearing from voters across the country as we seek to give voice to the concerns, priorities, and values of the American people. This process is about more than writing; it is about listening. Voters deserve a party who listens to them. ... The Obama presidency has been a difficult time for Virginians and for Americans. Our Platform will outline the way forward for our economy and a new and better direction for our country."

McDonnell is often considered a possible running mate for Republican presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Additionally, McDonnell is governor of Virginia--a key swing state Romney hopes to win in November.

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