A new poll from We Ask America shows Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama in Virginia, a key swing state Obama won in 2008. Of the 1,106 likely voters in Virginia polled, 48 percent support Romney, with just over 43 percent supporting Obama and nearly 9 percent remaining undecided.

The RealClearPolitics average for Virginia, however, shows Obama with a 1.4-point lead in Virginia, and most recent polls show the president leading there by at least small margins.

The same poll also surveyed voters for the open Senate seat, where Republican George Allen is facing Democrat Tim Kaine. Forty-four percent support Allen, with only 35 percent supporting Kaine and a whopping 21 percent remaining undecided. RealClearPolitics, however, also shows a closer race, as most recent polls have actually shown Kaine with a slight lead. We Ask America's polling could reflect a rightward shift in Virginia now that both Romney and Allen have won their Republican primaries--or the results could be outliers.

We Ask America's poll of the presidential race in Colorado (another potential swing state), however, shows that the 1,083 likely voters surveyed tracks closely with those in other recent polls. Obama leads Romney 46.6 percent to 43 percent, with over 10 percent remaining undecided.

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