Looking for some summer reading recommendations? Politico has compiled a reading list from 32 political types, from Condoleezza Rice to Ralph Nader. Each has some unique and interesting offerings. Here's what the boss recommends:

Something old and something new. Something old: I loved Allen Drury’s political novels when I first read them in the 1960s, and they stand up well—very well—a half-century later. Several, including the most famous, Advise and Consent, have recently been reissued in handsome paperback editions by Word Fire Press. Read them at the beach—you won’t be able to put them down. And you won’t be able to stop reflecting on the truths they tell later.

Something new: First-time authors (and Weekly Standard colleagues) Daniel Halper and Victorino Matus have done meticulous investigative reporting to uncover the hidden truth about their respective subjects—Hillary Clinton and vodka. Halper’s Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine explains how Hillary became the 2016 front-runner—and why she might fail. Matus’s Vodka: How a Colorless, Odorless, Flavorless Spirit Conquered America details how vodka became the clear front-runner among American spirits—and why bizarrely flavored vodkas (unfortunately) won’t fail.

Be sure to read through all the other contributions, and happy reading.

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