Here’s a chance to help Purple Heart Family Support (PHFS) win a $25K grant from the Pepsi Refresh Everything Challenge. I know volunteers who work with PHFS at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and can vouch for their activities. At Bethesda, they serve dinner twice a month to families of severely wounded troops and to medical staff--200 meals per month--and at Balboa Hospital in San Diego PHFS volunteers provide recovering Marines and their family caregivers with group dinners, visits, field trips, companionship, and moral support. These Americans and their families have sacrificed for our country, and here is a way to take Pepsi up on their offer to help them out.

PHFS needs to be in the top 15 to win a grant, and right now they’re at #11, but other groups will have devoted supporters weighing in. To help PHFS, register with Pepsi at the link below (trying to surrender as little personal info as possible!). Or you can skip registering with Pepsi if you vote using your Facebook profile--which has the added benefit of sharing your vote with your Facebook friends. Then every day in July, either at the website or on Facebook, you can vote for Purple Heart Family Support, and also text 107451 to 73774.

If you think it worthwhile, please take the time to do this, and also forward it to your friends and family.

Register here - it only takes a moment:

Please vote using email address or through Facebook....

....and text too: Text 107451 to 73774.


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