Here’s how many votes the respective Republican presidential candidates got in Florida for every $1,000 that they or their super PACs spent on TV advertising in the state (according to ad figures published by the Washington Post as of Friday):

Votes per $1,000 Spent

1. (tie) Rick Santorum, ∞ (infinite)

1. (tie) Ron Paul, ∞ (infinite)

3. Newt Gingrich, 162

4. Mitt Romney, 50

Santorum (who got 222,248 votes) and Paul (who got 116,776 votes) didn’t buy any TV ads. Gingrich and his super PAC spent $3,277,268 on TV ads, and he got 531,294 votes. Romney and his super PAC spent $15,538,515 on TV ads, and he got 771,842 votes.

In the fall, the Republican nominee almost certainly won’t have a spending advantage versus Obama. In fact, the GOP nominee will have to find a way to win despite, in all likelihood, being outspent.

The following chart shows the Florida TV ad breakdown in more detail (based on figures published by the New York Times):

In all, 92 percent of the TV ads run in Florida were negative. Romney ran only one positive TV ad, and it wasn’t in English. About 40 percent of Gingrich’s ads were apparently positive. (About $1 million worth of anti-Romney ads — probably about 40 percent of the total anti-Romney ads — were run by the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees.)

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