As Mike Allen reported this morning, Rep. Tom Cotton, a Republican, is going on the offensive against Sen. Mark Pryor, a Democrat, who recently voted to protect the special subsidy for Congress in Obamacare. Here's video of that ad:

Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), challenging Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), is up with perhaps the first GOP ad to use a shutdown vote against a Dem. The 30-second spot, which has a strong broadcast and cable buy in Little Rock, debuted during Saturday's Razorbacks game: "I'm Tom Cotton. I approve this message. [Male narrator:] What's good for the goose OUGHTA be good for the gander. [Fowl honk and squawk throughout the spot.] But NOT in Washington. Mark Pryor cast the DECIDING VOTE to make YOU live under Obamacare. But Pryor votes HIMSELF - and everyone in Congress - special subsidies, so THEY'RE protected from Obamacare. Exemptions and special subsidies for Mark Pryor. Higher insurance premiums for you. Mark Pryor: Voting WITH Obama. Voting AGAINST Arkansans like you."

Cotton, as Mike Allen explains, is challenging Pryor for the Senate seat the Democrat currently holds.

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