Following in the boss’s footsteps, Jeffrey Anderson argues at Pajamas Media that, with respect to the 2012 race, “It’s Time to Put the Varsity on the Field.” He seems to think the varsity includes Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and maybe Mike Pence—who have all said they won't run for president—and not the current likely candidates.

Given the extraordinary decision faced by Americans in 2012, it is the profoundest understatement that it’s time for Republicans to put the varsity on the field. The finest candidates in the Republican Party owe it to their country, and to the ideals in which they believe, to enter this race with a determination to win. And the rest of us who love our country need to do all that we can to draft them into service. Through Facebook pages — here are Ryan’s and Christie’s — word of mouth, and civic interaction of all sorts, we must act now.

This is not the time for resigned cynicism. This is the time for victory — hardly easy, but surely attainable.

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