The sweepstakes to see who can offer up the most ridiculous defense of Anthony Weiner is ongoing, but we have a strong late breaking entry from the Washington Post's Richard Cohen:

Another Christian has been thrown to the lions. The “Christian” in this case is a Jew, and the lions are the news media but the general idea is the same. For the entertainment of the people, yet another man was subjected to near-death by mortification. Anthony Weiner, you have committed no crime — none that has been alleged or proved, anyway — that is a mere technicality. It is the spectacle that matters.

Have to love that bit about how the "general idea is the same." That's right Weiner's predicament is just like innocent Christians who preached love and redemption being ripped apart by feral animals for popular amusement.

Of course, Cohen doesn't stop there:

We are doing a terrible thing here — we hypocrites of the press, especially of the blogosphere. Every man lives a bit in a fantasy world, maybe women, too, but I know nothing of them. Every man is a boy, either in mind or in deed. Much of this is harmless. There are no bodies. There is no crime. This is the case with Weiner. No damsel was in distress, and no one was rescued.

Really? No harm was done? And Cohen is in a postion to judge this how? I'm not even sure we've begun to get the true story of what Weiner has done yet. The press has much to atone for, but the real crime here is media hypocrisy? Not the hypocrisy of the guy who betrayed his marriage vows or worked in Congress to pass the Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act?

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