Warren Buffett expressed support for the Keystone Pipeline on Fox News last night. "I'm not an expert, but it certainly seems like it makes sense to me,” said Buffett. He added: "There are an awful lot of pipelines running in the United States and net, they've certainly been a huge plus for the country."

President Obama rejected the pipeline that would create an estimated 20,000 jobs. Buffett, however, was tepid in his criticism of the president. “I don’t think that issue is done with yet,” Buffett said.

Here's video:

President Obama had been pushing the so-called "Buffett Rule," a tax hike on the rich. "President Obama and his congressional allies have made the Buffett rule a chief part of their political messaging this year, arguing that it’s a key part of any fair effort to balance the budget," the Washington Times reported. But House Republicans rejected the measure, "rguing it would stifle investment without doing any work to lower the deficit."

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