Under sail aboard the Wind Surf, somewhere in the Caribbean

For those of you who don't yet subscribe to the new TWS newsletter (here's how to get it—and it's free!), you don't yet know that the TWS Caribbean cruise on board the lovely Wind Surf is going well, with interesting panels, good food and drink, lively entertainment, and a bit of gambling.

Today we put ashore in Roseau, Dominica. Many cruisers went on fun expeditions, or decided to relax at one of the beaches or on the ship. Steve Hayes, John McCormack, Mike Warren, and I decided to explore the town of Roseau, with the prospect at the end of our stroll of lunch at a small gem of a restaurant Mike had discovered through intensive research on Trip Advisor and other fine websites. The restaurant, Zam Zam, turned out to be a bit more of a walk than we expected (but the exercise was good for us!), and through parts of town that are, shall we say, somewhat off the beaten path (but it broadened our horizons!). It also turned that Zam Zam is closed for lunch Mondays. (Here's a photo of an abashed Mike Warren in front of Zam Zam).

Oh well. We managed to find a local willing (for a few bucks) to take us back to civilization, where we had a bite and got back on board the ship. By late afternoon, Steve and John recovered enough to participate in a lively and interesting session on the politics and policy of Obamacare.

Tomorrow we're ashore at Pigeon Island, St. Lucia. Mike will be going off by himself to explore the town.

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