The Washington Post has a review up of the new book by Andrew Ferguson, Senior Editor of THE WEEKLY STANDARD. The new book, Crazy U, tells the story of Ferguson's struggles getting his son through the college admissions process.

Ferguson's regular readers are unlikely to be surprised by this, but the Post's nonfiction editor gave Crazy U a rave review:

It may seem strange to say that a book so full of heartache is a pleasure to read, but Ferguson's storytelling is irresistible. You root for the obsessive, well-meaning dad and his lackadaisical son, and you laugh out loud over their college-app tug of war. There's the son telling his high school counselor that in college he wants to major in beer and paint his chest in the school colors at football games, prompting Dad to snap later: "It'll be a big help when he writes your recommendation."

Then there's Dad handing his procrastinator a book on successful college essays and watching the boy vacantly turn it over in his hands. "I thought of the apes coming upon the obelisk in the opening scene of '2001: A Space Odyssey,' " Dad writes. "He did everything but sniff it." And here's Dad encountering a mother who gloats that she and her daughter worked three solid months on the essays every day after school, plus weekends. "We did three months of work too," he tells her, "in twelve days."

And finally, the Ferguson applications are on their way to a range of schools - tough ones such as Georgetown and Notre Dame, as well as the safety school, Indiana University. Now his tale catches up with my own family drama, and that of all this year's applicants: the seemingly everlasting wait. Adding to the father's tension, the son sets up a college interview with a local alumnus, prompting Dad to say, "I don't mean to nag," and then nag his son to shave before the meeting, and not to use the word "like" too much, and "please, please, don't wear your baseball cap to the interview."

The bottom line? "The book is both a hilarious narrative and an incisive guide to the college admissions process."

Crazy U comes out March 1. Be sure and buy a copy.

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