The Obamacare rollout is going about as well as the introduction of New Coke or the merger of Time and AOL or … take your pick. Just how bad is it? Well, the administration won't tell. Just doesn't, it appears, want to talk about it.

Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, has said she is too busy to talk to Congress about it. Has other, presumably more important, things on her mind at the moment.

And, while the administration has announced that nearly half-a-million people have applied, as Rachel Huggins of the Hill reports,

… [HHS] officials still refuse to disclose how many people have successfully signed up for coverage on the insurance markets.

Refuse? Why? Are they claiming that this is somehow a matter of national security?

There is something both arrogant and cowardly about this stonewalling. One can be sure that if the numbers were good, then the administration would be lighting the sky with them and we would be reading about the 21st century genius of Team Obama.

They have a problem and they won't level about it. One suspects that they will get it fixed, more or less. It is just technology, after all. But the imperious attitude … that is in their DNA. They can't fix it. Don't want to. Don't believe it needs fixing.

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