Murad Warfally, of the University of Benghazi, talks to Al Jazeera about today's fighting in the town of Brega in Eastern Libya:

It has been a great battle - and the Libyan people have won that battle.

I am not worried. I am sending a mesage to Gaddafi: I am not scared of him, he is scared of us. I give thanks for today - he has chosen this battle. And it has been good exercise for our fighters.

The most important thing is that we have heart - we are brave. Today, we defeated him just using rifles. He used airplanes, rockets, heavy weapons - but we have heart, and we won.

We have no means to fight the airplanes. On the ground, we will win. We want a no fly zone, or more blood will be spilled on Libyan soil.

The Libyan people want freedom of speech - we want to live like people in America or in Europe, to be normal and have a normal life. We want to be able to sleep in our beds without fear of being arrested by Gaddafi's secret police.

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