Former head of the Shin Bet Avi Dichter joins former military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin and others insisting that Operation Preventive Edge can't be merely tactical. Rather, writes Dichter, Israel must uproot Gaza's terrorist infrastructure, not only smuggling tunnels but also munitions factories where Hamas now makes its own Iranian-designed medium-range missiles. “Without destroying the terrorists' military infrastructure in Gaza,” writes Dichter:

we will continue living from one round of shooting to the next, as the time in between rounds decreases and the range of the rockets increases. They have already dragged half of our population into a war of attrition. Our airstrikes are approaching the point of decreasing effectiveness, when they will no longer stop or reduce the amount of shooting at Israel. Hamas terrorists and their leaders are acting according to their capabilities, not according to our logic.

The time is ripe to switch from tactical operations (Pillar of Defense, Cast Lead, Protective Edge) to a strategic campaign which will dramatically diminish the terrorists' ability to hurt us. This campaign is not something that should last for just a month or two -- rather a year or two.

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