Conservatives searching for a foreign policy (think skittishness on winning the war in Afghanistan) should take note of President Ronald Reagan's approach, as Jennifer Rubin reminds us:

Since Ronald Reagan, conservatives have a advanced a foreign policy premised on the idea that America is an indispensable power and force for good in the world -- a bulwark against tyranny, a guarantor of the West’ security and a defender of freedom. Reagan didn’t announce that the Cold War was too expensive; he made it too expensive for the Soviet Union to survive. He labeled the Soviet Union as evil, and when asked how the Cold War would end, replied, “We win, they lose.”

There are good faith disagreements as to how much and in what circumstances we can move the needle in favor of freedom. None of this answers the questions about when military power is advisable and when other means (economic, diplomatic, etc.) are more effective. But let’s not pretend that a responsible foreign policy can be found in the recommendations of the debt commission or the latest Gallup poll.

It's a good piece, accessible here.

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