National Journal's Steven Shepard reports that Anthony Weiner's

... dormant New York City mayoral campaign paid more than $100,000 to a San Francisco-based polling firm earlier this month, suggesting the once-prominent Democrat ... was contemplating a return to politics in this year's elections.

Politico also carries an item about this development, describing the events that made Weiner into a has-been with exquisite delicacy:

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who resigned from Congress after misfiring a racy photo over Twitter, spent more than $50,000 on polling in recent months, according to New York City campaign finance filings.

No mention, here, of Weiner's party affiliation. And the summing up the events that led to his disgrace as the "misfiring" of "a racy photo over Twitter" really doesn't quite do the thing justice. It was more than one photo and they were more than just "racy." He hung on first by denying, then by blaming others, and then by promising to "get help." Finally, when cornered, he resigned. (Should you want to refresh your memory of the sordid details, go here & here.)

Now, he may be on the verge of returning. Is Eliot Spitzer not available?

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