Matt Labash welcomes the new kids on the block, the Washington Free Beacon:

Modeling itself on lefty activist internet gadflies such as Center for American Progress/ThinkProgress, TPM, and the HuffPost Politics page, the Center for American Freedom and its journalistic organ, the Washington Free Beacon, will seek to bring the pain to lefties of a certain stripe. Those, who in the words of Beacon editor Matthew Continetti, steep themselves in “inside deals, cronyism cloaked in kind intentions, and {the} out-of-the-mainstream shibboleths of contemporary progressivism and its vehicle, the Democratic Party.” Sound scary, o ye lefties of bad faith? I’d buy a protective cup now, before they’re all sold out.

Joining the outfit — which will include a media-monitoring operation — are (among many others) the Washington Times’ longtime national security reporter Bill Gertz, and The Daily Caller’s own C.J. Ciaramella, who Caller readers loved, though not enough to keep him from callously walking out like the cad that he is. (Sorry, ladies. But you’ve still got Jim Treacher, enough man for any woman.) Also joining the team is my former Weekly Standard colleague Sonny Bunch, who left us to become one of the finest film critics in the land. As any enemy of his could tell you, Sonny is capable of killing men with his bare hands. Though he chooses not to. Words are his weapon. The Center for American Freedom’s chair is another Standard alumnus, Michael Goldfarb, now of the lobbying firm Orion Strategies. Goldfarb is a man so practiced in the dark arts of political and advocacy guerilla warfare, that even Roger Stone and Che Guevara quake in their spats and their grave, respectively. Anchoring the squad is the aforementioned Matthew Continetti, who has most recently left the Standard (I’m seeing a pattern here, Judases), and who is a well-regarded author, editorialist and gimlet-eyed political and cultural commentator. As someone who used to sit two offices away from him, I can testify that Continetti is a man who would be smart enough to conquer any world he entered (be it law, medicine, business or academe). But he chooses journalism. Why? I don’t know. I guess because he likes to feel superior, and journalists aren’t all that bright.

So let’s welcome the new kids on the block, or NKOTB, as their teenage fans already call them. They launch February 1. Bookmark their page now. If you hate double-dealing lefties, you will love them. If you love double-dealing lefties, you will love to hate them. Either way, you’re set.

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