The White House has not even officially introduced the 2013 White House Holiday Card yet and already Monday night copies were listed for sale on eBay for as much as $200. The card is quite elaborate based on the standards of previous years.

Though the front of the card simply displays the presidential seal and the year 2013, inside it features a three-dimensional pop-up of the White House with gold leaf windows, topped with an American flag. Small cutouts of the first and second dogs, Sunny and Bo, appear on the "lawn" in front of the south portico of the building. The card is signed by the president, the first lady, and both of their daughters, as well as the two dogs, complete with tiny paw prints.

The text of the card reads, "As we gather around this season, may the warmth and joy of the holidays fill your home."

Last year, the 2012 card was previewed on December 6 on the White House blog and featured a painting of the only White House dog at the time, Bo, in the snow in front of the White House.

Though no official figure is released by the White House for the number cards sent, there are reports that in at least one instance George W. Bush's White House sent nearly 1.5 million cards.

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