Did Michelle Obama attend an encore presentation of a classified Presidential Daily Briefing this past December? According to the official White House schedule, it would appear so. The schedule for December 18, in addition to listing the Presidential Daily Briefing at 9:45, includes a 2:05 PM entry that reads, "The President and the First Lady receives the Presidential Daily Briefing":

Michelle Obama's publicly released schedule says the same thing--that she attended, with her husband, the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office:

A closer examination of the public record of that day, however, would suggest that the schedule entry was more likely the result of an inadvertent copy-paste error. Rather than a daily briefing, the president and first lady hosted a group of moms at the White House that afternoon to discuss the Affordable Care Act. But almost a month later, the apparently inaccurate entry remains on the White House schedule.

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