CNN’s The Lead reports that former CIA director, General Michael Hayden points out that in contemplating a military operation against Syria of the sort that would be "just muscular enough not to be mocked,"

"We want it to be one and done, the president's made that very clear: Very limited strikes, very limited objectives – deterring, degrading the potential use of chemical weapons. He's doing it, our president, to show resolve."

But in these things, there is always the matter of the enemy and how he chooses to respond.

"But guess what – Assad, and his Iranian and Hezbollah allies are going to want to show resolve, too, they're not going to want to give the United States a free ride for this kind of action," said Hayden, who added he expects "the Iranians engineering some kind of response."

A weak response might well inspire a robust response. Which is not an argument for doing nothing. But a warning to acknowledge the fundamentals and get real.

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