The White House today hinted that it supports 15 year olds being able to get Plan B over the counter. Here's spokesman Jay Carney, speaking to reporters on Air Force One en route to Mexico:

Q Have you had a chance to talk to the President yet about his feelings on the morning-after pill? The Justice Department appealed the judge's decision last night.

MR. CARNEY: I haven’t spoken with him directly about that issue. I’d refer you to the Department of Justice for their appeal of the court’s decision, with regards to the FDA’s original decision.

What I said yesterday, and what I can repeat today, is that the President supported, as you know, because he addressed this himself, Secretary Sebelius’s decision to overrule the FDA’s initial ruling because she felt there was not sufficient data available about the safety and effectiveness and appropriateness of use of this medication by younger girls of reproductive age. The new ruling by the FDA in response to an amended application by the manufacturer would make the medicine available to teens 15 and older. And it's my understanding -- I would refer you to HHS for more details -- but that there is sufficient data available for teens 15 and older.

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