The White House will not comment on Rand Paul's ongoing filibuster on the Senate floor of President Obama's nominee to be the next CIA director. A Huffington Post reporter remarks on Twitter:

Likewise, the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from this reporter.

Tonight, President Obama took a group of Republican senators to dinner at the Jefferson Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. Obama, the White House says, picked up the tab.

The guest's at Obama's dinner included:

Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Bob Corker

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator John McCain

Senator Dan Coats

Senator Tom Coburn

Senator Richard Burr

Senator Mike Johanns

Senator Pat Toomey

Senator Ron Johnson

Senator John Hoeven

Senator Saxby Chambliss

An anonymous White House aide told the pooler, “The President greatly enjoyed the dinner and had a good exchange of ideas with the Senators.”

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