Over at Foreign Policy, David J. Rothkopf is trying to understand the Obama adminstration's objectives in Libya. Specifically, he's trying to parse this statement from Ben Rhodes, the White House's foreign policy speechwriter:

Given the fact that there has been some reporting off of a quote from the gaggle, the quote that says 'they underscored their shared commitment of helping provide the people of Libya the opportunity to transform their country by installing a system of government that is democratic and responsive to the will of the people,' we're clarifying, as we've said repeatedly, that the effort of our military operation is not regime change, that as we actually say in this READOUT, it's the Libyan people who are going to make their determinations about the future. We support their aspirations, their democratic aspirations, and have stated that Gaddafi should go because he's lost their confidence.

Got that? The military operations in Libya are not in support of regime change, but merely in support of those that want to overthrow Qaddafi. Or something.

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