Great relief here at WEEKLY STANDARD HQ after watching last night's Jeopardy!. At a pivotal point in the contest, longtime host Alex Trebek showed a photo accompanied by an answer: "This editor of THE WEEKLY STANDARD can also be seen on Fox News Sunday.'"And one of the contestants (who doesn't work here!) knew the question: "Who is Kristol?" (Ah, a philosophical question, no less!)

Trebek confirmed that the correct question had been asked. "Bill Kristol," the legendary game show host said. "Correct." Whew!

What would the mood in the corner office today have been if the contestants had stumbled around clueless? What if someone had guessed ... Keith Olbermann?

We’re also gratified that "Kristol" was not one of the low priced items, but was rather worth a top-of-the-line $2,000. Yes, we also think the boss is worth good money.

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