Those who favor small government, less government spending and, in particular, getting rid of earmarks are getting pretty excited about the prospect of Harry Reid losing his election in Nevada on Tuesday. Brian Baker, president of both Taxpayers Against Earmarks and the Ending Spending Fund, emails:

I am delighted at the recent polls showing that the three 'earmark hooligans' targeted by the Ending Spending Fund -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Budget Chairman John Spratt, along with senior appropriator Chet Edwards -- may be defeated this Tuesday. Its time for Members of Congress to realize that the American people are fed up with wasteful spending and earmarks.

Here is the group's latest ad -- currently airing in Nevada, I'm told -- which targets the Senate majority leader for earmarks he's made to benefit donors:

"Taxpayers Against Earmarks and the Ending Spending Fund are new nonpartisan groups formed to advocate for the elimination of earmarks and dedicated to finding solutions to the broken Congressional budget and appropriations process," the group explains. "The Ending Spending Fund is a 'Super PAC' conducting independent expenditures in key Congressional races around the country to highlight earmarks and how Congress is broken. The Ending Spending Fund is responsible for the following tv ad called 'Shady' (against Sen. Harry Reid) as well as ads in various House races."

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