For your weekend reading, Politico has a long Maggie Haberman piece on political rehabilitation. Her subjects are Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner about whom some cannot get enough. Others undoubtedly believe that we know far too much already about both of these characters. Still, Haberman writes:

The two are the latest examples of the accelerated post-sex scandal cycle, in which public rehabilitation can be attempted with a straight face just a few short years after the original sin.

Neither man, unsurprisingly, is short on self-importance. Consider Sanford's conviction that “Holding public office ... is about the debate of this civilization.”

And, then, it is an exciting life and as one person quoted by Haberman says of Wiener:

"Anthony is highly ambitious, he’s very smart and he believes he really does have something to offer and he’s bored, I’m sure.”

Anyone who needs a good way to explain a visceral reluctance to vote for either of these two characters needs only to say, "Well, he wants it too damned much."

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